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  • Basic Report Window
  • Preview Panel
  • Find Files Panel
  • Info Panel
  • Main Window
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  • Manage Favorite files
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Ricardo Soria Senior editor

XYplorer is a powerful file manager that offers you much more functionality than standard Windows File Explorer. The program is characterized by a customizable user interface which allows you to browse several locations simultaneously through tabs. This feature helps you copy/move files from one location to another, or simply switch between them, in a very easy and fast way.

One of the most helpful features of XYplorer is its powerful file-search engine that allows you to locate any file very quickly and based not only on its name, but also on other features like its file's size, creation date, attributes, tags and contents.
You can even use this tool to locate duplicate files. By the way, the "Find Files" tool is located within the so-called "Info Panel", which can be easily toggled on or off. It shows you very detailed information about the selected file or folder such as its general properties, version, metadata and tags. You can also get a preview of your file when it is possible, and even generate a report with all that information to display it on your screen, send it directly to a file or printer, or copy it into your system's clipboard.

Another impressive feature of XYplorer is that it is "scriptable", which means that you can create scripts to automate certain complex tasks. For example, you can selectively rename files based on certain conditions. New to this version of the program, you can also use scripting to read/write ID3 tags from/to your audio files. Although it may take a considerable time to acquire the required knowledge for this task, you can alternatively join the program's online community and download any of the ready-to-use scripts published by other users. This allows you both to learn and practice, and to automate your tasks quickly.

Finally, It's also worth mentioning that XYplorer has been designed with portability in mind. In fact, you can download both the portable or the installable versions of the program. If you use the portable version, you can carry it with you (e.g. using a pen drive) to use it on any Windows computer, keeping your tab configuration and customizations. If, on the other hand, you use the installable version, it will not alter your system registry in any way, so you can cleanly and safely remove the program at any moment.

All in all, XYplorer is a powerful and feature-reach file explorer that you can use everywhere, once you get used to it. The program really includes a myriad of features and tools, but I cannot mention them all here. Thus, I would recommend anyone trying XYplorer as it can be used for an entire month without restrictions before having to make a decision.


  • Allows you to work with several locations at the same time through tabs.
  • Powerful and thorough file-search engine.
  • Generates detailed reports about your files/folders.
  • Allows you to automate complex tasks through scripts.
  • Fully portable.


  • It may take a considerable time and practice to learn the scripting.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 3.8 MB

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    Guest 4 years ago
    — Since I installed XYplorer I don't use Windows standard anymore
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    I especially like the preview function and the the raw disply of files.

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    geoff 7 years ago


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    Guest 7 years ago


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